Neuronal Dynamics

First-edition Errata


This is an ongoing collection of errata to the first edition of the Neuronal Dynamics textbook. Errata marked by a checkmark have been corrected in the online edition.
Should you find any errors, please write to Wulfram Gerstner.

Part I.

  • Ch2.S2: in Table (2.1), the equations for the sodium inactivation properties αh\alpha_h and βh\alpha_h have been corrected from:
    1/[1+e-(u+62)/ 6]1\,/\,[1+e^{-(u+62)\,/\,6}] and 4e(u+90)/12/[1+e-(u+62)/ 6]4e^{(u+90)/12}\,/\,[1+e^{-(u+62)\,/\,6}]
    to the new expressions:
    0.25 e-(u+90)/120.25\;e^{-(u+90)/12} and 0.25 e(u+62)/6/e(u+90)/120.25\;e^{(u+62)/6}/e^{(u+90)/12}
    (thanks to Ehsan Mirzakhalili and Homero Barrocas Soares Esmeraldo)

  • Ch3.S1: in equation (3.6), a missing minus sign was added in front of alpha to give:   g(u,[   Mg   2+]   o   )=(1+β   e   u[   Mg   2+]   o   )-1,g_{\infty}(u,[\text{Mg}^{2+}]_{\text{o}})=\left(1+\beta\,{\text{e}}^{% -\alpha\,u}\,[\text{Mg}^{2+}]_{\text{o}}\right)^{-1}\,,
  • Ch4.S4: In Fig. 4.13A, a missing label for u ˙ = 0 \dot{u}=0 was added (this was missing only in the print version).
  • Ch4.S6: Just before Equation (4.35), "a single equation".
  • Ch4.S7: Equation (4.40) mistakenly contained two equations (one for u, one for m) written in a single line. The two equations have been split into two lines, giving a new Equation (4.41). Furthermore, a missing equality sign (=) has been added in the new Equation (4.41), yielding:
    dudt=f(u)-m ,\begin{split}\frac{du}{dt}&=f(u)-m,\\ \end{split} (4.40)
    ϵdmdt=-m+c(u).\begin{split} \epsilon\frac{dm}{dt}&=-m+c(u).\\ \end{split} (4.41)
    (thanks to Edward Goldman)

Part II.

  • Ch6.S2: In Table (6.1), the reference to the nonexisting panel Fig. 6.9C (last row, for type "delayed") has been removed.

Part IV.

  • Ch16.S2, Ch16.S4, Ch16.S6: The citations wrongly pointing to Ref. 544 are now pointing to Ref. 543.
  • Ch16.S4: In Eqs. (16.14) and (16.16): a missing factor of 12⁢ \frac{1}{2} was added to the first terms on both right hand sides. (thanks to Hiroaki Hamada)
  • Ch17.S2: In Eq. (17.15) the sum inside the second square brackets must run over all indices i with value of the pattern -1 (and not +1 as printed in the first edition). (thanks to Yuan Hang)
  • Ch19.S1: "Similar results on spike-time dependent synaptic plasticity have been found..." has been changed to "Similar results on spike-timing-dependent plasticity have been found...", to adhere to the common notation.
  • Ch19.S2: In Equation (19.10), second line, the inequality on the right has been changed to tpre>tpost\displaystyle t_{\mathrm{pre}}>t_{\mathrm{post}}.
  • Ch19.S2: Just after Equation (19.10), a sentence has been added: "Usually A+(w)A_{\pm}(w) is positive and A-(w)A_{\pm}(w) is negative."
  • Ch19.S2: In the legend of Fig. 19.8, panel B, the indices i and j have been switched to give ti(f)-tj(f)=10t^{(f)}_{i}-t^{(f)}_{j}=10 ms (for the top curve).
  • Ch19.S2: In Equation (19.14), the minus sign has been removed before the A-\displaystyle A_{-}.
  • Ch19.S2: In Equation (19.17), an index j has been added on the left-hand side.
  • Ch19.S2: In Equation (19.18), an index i has been added to the first u ¯ \displaystyle \bar{u}.
  • Ch19.S2: In Equation (19.18), index has been changed from i to j for x ¯ \displaystyle \bar{x}.
  • Ch19.S2: In legend of Fig. 19.9, panel B (iii), index j has been added to x ¯ \displaystyle \bar{x}.